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Early Treatment

Early treatment is essential to get ahead of oral health issues caused by misaligned teeth and jaw positioning. We can help prevent more significant issues down the line by utilizing treatments early with orthodontics for kids.


Why Would A Child Require Orthodontics?

There are many different reasons that your child might need orthodontic care. If you find that they have difficulties eating food or chewing, it might be an issue with their bite. Additionally, if they have crooked teeth or an abnormal bite, it's better to address these issues before their permanent adult teeth come in. We will help fix these issues with our orthodontics for kids treatments to help guide their natural tooth development.


Initial Assessment At Age Seven

Your child can get an orthodontic assessment as early as seven years old. Book your initial assessment with our office today.


Recommended By The CAO

While seven might seem early for your child's first orthodontic assessment, this is the age that the Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO) recommends.


Prevents Future Complications

Addressing orthodontic issues like crowding and improper jaw positioning early can help to prevent future oral health problems from developing.


Assist Natural Growth Patterns

Orthodontic treatment can help guide the natural growth and development of teeth to avoid crowding and teeth coming in crooked.

What are the Best Orthodontics for Kids

We specialize in early orthodontic treatment in Edmonton, AB, ensuring a bright future for your kids' smiles. Our expert team is dedicated to providing top-notch orthodontic care for children, guiding their dental development from an early age. We utilize the latest advancements in orthodontic technology and techniques to create beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Trust us to deliver personalized, gentle, and effective orthodontic solutions that will set your child up for a lifetime of confident smiles. Schedule a consultation today and invest in your child's dental legacy with orthodontics for kids!


Guidance For Optimal Growth & Prevention

Orthodontics for kids can help prevent both future oral issues and guide the development of teeth for a better result. When we catch these issues early, we can correct your child's bite, crowding issues, and more before their adult teeth come in. It's better to address these things earlier than waiting for their permanent teeth to come in.

Orthodontic Assessments Are Essential

Your child's dentist can recommend an orthodontic assessment for your child if they find possible issues that an orthodontist can address. However, we recommend that children come to get assessed when they're seven years old. This is the official recommendation from the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

The Permanent Adult Teeth Myth

You may think that dental health doesn't matter until your child has permanent adult teeth, but this is a myth. We can spot many different dental problems early and prevent future oral health issues by utilizing effective orthodontics for kids.



Orthodontics For Kids Treatments

We offer different treatment options for our orthodontic care. Our team will recommend the best course of treatment based on your specific case. Our office specializes in braces and Invisalign to help you get the smile you've always wanted. Contact our office today to book your virtual consultation session.


Braces For Kids

Braces are great for many different orthodontic issues, and we generally recommend them to younger kids. We can customize braces with fun-coloured elastics, so they're never boring!


Invisalign For Kids

Is your child self-conscious about the idea of the braces? Invisalign is a great way to correct their smile secretly and allows them to avoid having a mouth full of braces.

Flexible Payments

Experience flexibility in how you finance your orthodontics services with our flexible payment plans.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in price transparency for all of our services. You won't face hidden fees down the road.

Virtual Consultations

Our Edmonton orthodontic office is technology-forward. Meet with us virtually for ultimate convenience.


Other Treatable Conditions

Orthodontics for kids can help with a variety of issues, including palatal expansion, airway, and breathing issues. We can help improve your child's overall dental health by addressing these issues early and improving their quality of life.


Palatal Expansion

When you bring your child in for early orthodontic care, there are many things we can do to help address future oral health issues. Often we can tell when a child is going to have enough room in their mouth for all of their permanent adult teeth.


Since the upper jaw doesn't completely fuse until later in life, we can help create more room in their upper jaw to accommodate their teeth.

This procedure is called a palatal expansion. We use palatal expanders to widen the upper jaw gradually. This can help with issues like crossbite, crowding and impacted teeth.

Airway & Breathing

Do you find that your child commonly breathes through their mouth? A narrow plate can cause difficulties in breathing and airway flow, but with early identification, we can help correct this with orthodontic treatment.

We can gently expand the plate, allowing for easier breathing and often fixing the breathing problem. This is only possible before the upper jaw completely fuses, which is why it's important to get your child to an orthodontist as soon as you notice this issue.

It's essential for your child to get an early orthodontic assessment to fix these issues while we can. Ready to get an assessment? Book your virtual consultation session with us today.

Why Choose An Orthodontist?

While many dentists also offer Invisalign, it's important to seek out an orthodontist. We specialize in the correction of the position of teeth and jaws, and we have more day-to-day experience with orthodontic treatment.

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