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Invisalign For Kids

Invisalign is a great choice to correct a child's smile without having noticeable braces. So, is Invisalign for kids the right treatment choice?


Is Invisalign For Kids?

If your child is feeling self-conscious about the idea of showing up to school with braces, Invisalign can be an excellent treatment option. Invisalign is great for kids that are responsible. Because the treatment works by wearing your custom trays, they must remember to put them back in after eating and don't just take the trays out because their teeth are uncomfortable.

Easier To Keep Clean

Unlike traditional or ceramic braces, Invisalign trays are relatively easy to clean. As long as our patients are diligent with flossing and brushing after meals and keeping the trays from staining, they are much easier to clean than braces.

We understand that parents may be concerned that their kids might struggle with keeping their teeth clean and healthy around the wires and brackets with traditional braces, which is why Invisalign can be a great choice in these cases.

Free Virtual Consultation Session

Still not totally sure that Invisalign is the right choice for your child? Book your virtual consultation session with our office today. Our qualified and experienced orthodontic team can help determine if Invisalign is the right treatment option for your child's case. Help your child get a brand new smile and newfound confidence. Contact our office today to learn more about Invisalign for kids!


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Virtual Consultations

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