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Treatment For Teens

Get that beautiful smile your teen has always wanted so they can feel confident every single time they smile! We're here to help improve your teen's confidence and fix their misaligned teeth and bite.


Tweens, Teens, & Young Adults

Once your teen's permanent teeth have all come in, it's the perfect time to start considering realigning their teeth and adjusting their bite. If your tween, teen, or young adult feels self-conscious about how their teeth and smile look, we can help with orthodontics for teens.

It's always better to start orthodontic treatment when they're younger, as younger teens have softer jawbone tissue, and their teeth are still very responsive to repositioning. Let us help adjust their permanent teeth today. Book your virtual consultation through our website.


Adjusting Permanent Teeth

Once teens have their permanent teeth, we can start to align them into right shape so they can feel confident with every smile!


Improving Self-Confidence

Being a teen is hard enough without feeling self-conscious about people seeing misaligned teeth. Let us help with that.


Advances In Orthodontic Treatments

With new technology, we're able to offer invisible braces with Invisalign. You don't need a mouth full of metal to get a nice smile.


Correct Teeth Alignment Issues

Correcting your teeth is about more than a pretty smile. We'll correct any issues with your bite, so you're in good oral health.

Teen Smiles: Orthodontic Solutions in Edmonton, AB

We specialize in orthodontic treatment for teens, ensuring confident smiles for a lifetime. Legacy Orthodontics offers cutting-edge techniques and personalized care to straighten teeth effectively and comfortably for teenagers. Our expert team is dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles and boosting self-esteem in every adolescent we treat. Embrace the journey to a perfect smile with us as we combine advanced technology and a friendly atmosphere to make orthodontic treatment for teens a positive experience. Trust Legacy Orthodontics to transform your teen's smile and brighten their future.


Clear Ceramic braces

Braces don't have to be the first thing people notice. We have many different options, including clear ceramic braces, which are a great low-profile option if you feel self-conscious about metal braces. Book your initial virtual consultation today and our team can help present some different orthodontics for teens.



Clear Aligners Designed For Teens

Invisalign is a great choice for teens that don't want traditional braces. With the clear retainer trays, you can realign teeth without obviously having braces. Additionally, you'll spend less time in our office, as most of our work for Invisalign is creating the trays for you. All you have to do is ensure your teen wears the trays responsibly!


No Interest Payment Plans

Get started today with our interest-free payment plans. We're here to offer accessible orthodontic care.

Flexible Financing

When you start orthodontic care with us, we make sure you know all your payment options.

No Credit Checks

We do not conduct credit checks for our payment plans, so access our orthodontic care worry-free.

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